Consignment Policies

Dear Consignor,

            I wanted to start by Thanking you for helping make Now Wear This the place it is today. As many you have heard either Facebook or through the phone calls, we have decided to make Now Wear This an online business. This was not a decision that we took lightly but with the ever-growing staffing issues, personal health issues and the 20% building expense increase it is time.

            We already sell through five different sales outlets while items are on consignment with us. As a shop we have been through so much in the last couple of years and have overcome with your help the hardest years in business history.

            What is changing? This is the important part.

                        -If you have items currently consigned with us/ or recently dropped off: 

                                    We will process all the items and get them to the Sales Floor ASAP

                        - If you have item that have expired/or will before 12/1/22:

                                    These will work through the process just like before. If you would like your items back, please come in and we will print a list and try to help you locate them.

                        - If you would like to Reclaim all your items:     

                                    -If your items expire after 12/26 (or you have dropped them off During Oct/ Nov. We will be calling you to give you more information.

                        - If you Wish to Consign Online:

                               - I will be personally calling all consignors at a time to check in. Find out                                                 what you would prefer and to make sure all your information is up to date.

                               - We will not be accepting Consignment in Jan. We are going to be still                                                   setting up the new space. We want to make sure everything is ready.


            Regarding payments:

                        If you have Under $50.00 on your account: Starting 12/1 there we will be increasing the money in the drawer to help account for the pickups.

                        If you have Over $50.00 on your account:  We will be beginning the process of processing checks as we connect with each consignor. Please hang tight, requesting a check in a hurry is not going to make it happen any faster. There is only two of us, so we are going to be behind as we spend time working through all the process.

                        Once we are selling online:   Payments processed with Venmo, PayPal, and mailed checks.


Changes to Consignment Policy:

            - Consignment Time will be 5 months

            - We will Consign Spring/ Summer:  Feb- June

                                    Fall/ Winter: July- November

                        No Consignment drop off will be accepted- Dec/ Jan.

            -We will be having a minimum of 2-week Consignment Turnaround time

            - Each Consignor will be set up in the Consignment Portal (Via Email)

                        - Consignment Portal will allow for consignors to check balance, items sold Etc.

            - Consignment Percentage will be 50%. Any Item Sold over $100 will be 60%

            - Want to reclaim unsold items @ the end of the consignment period? (You will use the scheduler to schedule a time to pick up those items at the satellite location)

                        - If you do not pick up the items at the pickup location within 1 week of requesting pickup they will be donated.

            - What happens if my consignment period ends & I do not pick up.

                        If you choose to no pickup your items, they become property of Now Wear This. Our focus is always to sell your items, however not every item will be sold. Once they are passed their expiration date become property of Now Wear This, we can donate, discount, etc. the items.


            Currently we use difference donation avenues. Purple Heart does not do Commercial Pickups anymore. We have decided that we will store the unacceptable items and have a biannual Rummage Sale. The money will not benefit Now Wear This! We will be donating the profit from the Rummage Sale to local organizations in the community.

How will you drop you items off?

                        - You will be able to schedule pickup depending on location/day of the week.

                        - Drop off at a satellite location- TBA

- Satellite Locations will only be able to accept two bags per consignor. Sorry no Exceptions- All Bags will need to be relocated daily so we need to make sure they are manageable.

                  - Items will be available for pickup at the drop off location. Items will only be held at the drop off the location during a short window of 5 days for pickup. We do not have any storage at this location.

How will you sell my items?

            Items will be listed on at least 3/5 platforms we use. Most items will go on all five. We will sort and monitor the items daily. Once Spring is here… We have multiple shows, events, and shopping experiences already schedules. We have been working on a traveling sales floor of the past couple of weeks so we will be ready hopefully by the Late Spring.


            We are also working to open micro Now Wear This locations, stay tuned to Facebook. Locations are TBD.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly @ or Text 717-537-8812 (Text Only) or Call 717-361-0535.


            I look forward to helping with all our consignment needs. We are not closing… Just making a pivot so we can grow and evolve as a business.